Information Guide Casita van Poppel

Welcome to Casita van Poppel!

This accommodation is officially registered and has the tourist license number: VT-483299-A

Casita van Poppel - Calpe - CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals
Casita van Poppel - Calpe - CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals
Casita van Poppel - Calpe - CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals

These house rules are intended to make your stay as pleasant as possible. It contains information about telephone numbers of doctors, fire brigade and police, but also places of interest, restaurants, etc.

Furthermore, we thought that a number of rules should be drawn up and we kindly request you to respect these rules and the holiday home as such.

Your accommodation is privately owned by a home owner. In the unlikely event that any defects occur in the facilities of your accommodation during your stay, we request that you report this immediately to the agency.

When you arrive at your reserved accommodation, there will be some basic amenities available (toilet paper, cleaning / hygiene products, welcome kit). When this is used up, it is not the responsibility of CostaBlancaDreams to top it up. You rent a private home and must take care of your own groceries and other purchases.

If you nevertheless have any questions, you can direct them to CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals via We appreciate your reactions and suggestions.

Everything you need to know about your arrival:

Please, could you indicate the time of your arrival at the property?

By plane:
If you are coming by plane, can you give us your flight number so we can monitor any delays?

As soon as you leave the Alicante or Valencia airport, we ask you if you can send an SMS / WhatsApp or call us to inform that you are going from the airport directly to the accommodation.

By car:
If you are coming with your own transport we ask you when you need to drive for another hour, if you can send an SMS, WhatsApp or call us so we can make sure someone is present on arrival to hand over the keys.

If there is any delay, please let us know as soon as possible!

You can reach us under the number: +34 635 750 291

For your convenience, we will send you the link, the address and the Google coordinates through which you navigate directly to the property:

Google Maps:

Partida Colina del Sol 5C, 03710 Calpe

Before your arrival, we need the passport or identity details of all tenants from the age of 14. This is to register by the Guardia Civil. You can email a copy of your passport or identity details to

Arrival time: from 5:00 PM

Everything you need to know before you leave:

The accommodation must be left on departure as follows:

  • Leave the bungalow broom clean.
  • Everything has been washed clean, dried and put back in the cupboards. Leave the dishwasher empty. All pots, pans, crockery and cutlery must be left clean.
  • Take waste, food residues, paper, glass, etc. to the appropriate containers. For each garbage bag left behind, € 5 will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Put the garden furniture back on the places (please put the cushions indoors or in the designated place!).
  • If present, leave the barbecue clean after use. This also applies to the fireplace. If you decide to leave the cleaning of the barbecue to our crew, we will charge at least € 50 and reconcile these costs with the safety deposit.
  • Report any broken parts and / or damage to CostaBlancaDreams.
  • Close and lock the windows, shutters and doors.

The deposit will be refunded to your bank account within a maximum of 2 weeks, minus deduction of any missing or damaged items.

This will be done automatically via a portal site. If you have rented directly through CostaBlancaDreams, we need your IBAN number and possibly your BIC code. Pass this on to CostaBlancaDreams.

We wish you all a good and safe journey home. On behalf of the entire CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals team, we thank you for your stay in this accommodation!

Departure time: max till 10:00 AM

Important addresses and telephone numbers:

For all emergencies, please call 112
Civil Guard: 062 – Local Police: 092 – Ambulance: 061 – Fire brigade: 080

Hospitals / First Aid

Hospital Denia Marina Salud
Address: Av. Marina Alta, s/n, 03700 Dénia
Opening hours: 24 hours
Phone number: +34 966 429 000
Spanish, English, French, German

Hospital Imed Levante
Address: Calle Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 7, 03503 Benidorm
Opening hours: 24 uur
Emergency: +34 900 223 344
Phone number: +34 966 811 111
Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch

HCB Calpe
Address: Avenida Diputación 49, 03710 Calpe
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 / 20: 30h
Phone number: +34 966 072 737
Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch

Family doctor

Altea | EuroClinica
Address: C / La Mar 121, 03590 Altea
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:15 h-12:30 h
Emergency: +34 666 771 669
Phone number: +34 965 841 955
Spanish, English, Dutch, German

Calpe | Dr. J.P. Berghezan
Address: C / Corbeta 7, 03710 Calpe
Opening hours: Monday to Friday
11:00 h – 13:00 h / 17:00 h – 19:00 h
Phone number: +34 965 833 582
Spanish, English, French, Dutch

Benissa | Clinica Benissa
Address: Avda. País Valencià 19, 03720 Benissa
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 13:00 h
Emergency: +34 639 604 269
Phone number: +34 965 733 157
Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch

Moraira | Clinic Moraira
Address: Ctra Moraira a Calpe 124 Moraira
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9:30 – 17:00 h Saturday: 10:00 – 12:30 h
Emergency: +34 639 561 945
Phone number: +34 966 491 259
Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch


Altea | Clinica Dental Nathalie Verschuere
Address: Calle Alcoy 16, 1E. esc 3, 03590 Altea
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 – 17:00 h
Phone number: +34 965 845 718
Spanish, English, Dutch

Calpe | Clinica Britannia
Address: 16-BIS (next to 16), Ejércitos Españoles Avenue 03710 Calpe
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00 h
Emergency: +34 607 255 755
Phone number: +34 965 837 553
Spanish, English, French, Dutch

Benissa | Clinica Benissa
Address: Avda. País Valencià 19, 03720 Benissa
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00-13:00 h
Emergency: +34 639 604 269
Phone number: +34 965 733 157
Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch

Moraira | Orange Dental
Address: Ctra. Moraira-Benitachell 22, 03724
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00-16:00 h
Phone number: +34 966 495 006
Spanish, English, German, Dutch


Altea | Algar Veterinary Clinic
Address: Camí de l’Algar, 26, 03590 Altea
Opening hours: Mon to Fri10:00 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Sat 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Telephone number: +34 965 845 890

Calp | Calp Veterinary Clinic
Address: Urb. El Tosal, 1F, 03710 Calpe
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Telephone number: +34 965 830 866

Benissa | Calp Veterinary Clinic
Address: Av. Del País Valencià, 28, 03720 Benissa
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Emergencies: +34 600 26 66 86
Telephone number: +34 965 731 955

Moraira | Tabaira Veterinary Hospital
Address: Ctra. Moraira-Teulada, 116, 03724 Teulada
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Sat 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Telephone number: +34 965 744 629

Rent a Car or Scooter
Reliable and easy to rent a vehicle? You do that with us!

CostaBlancaDreams Victoria Rent a Car

Airport transportation
Fair rates, excellent service and speaks your language!



Altea +34 965 845 555
Benidorm +34 965 845 555
Benissa +34 965 731 407
Calpe +34 965 830 038
Javea +34 965 793 224
Moraira +34 966 897 911


We kindly ask you to take into account the house rules below.

Please open the following house rules and read them carefully!

The tenant is liable for all damage or loss to the accommodation, parcel, inventory and furniture, which have arisen during the rental period by him/her or his/hers co-tenant(s). CostaBlancaDreams / the owner is not responsible and can not be held liable for accidents / damage or theft / loss of property of the tenant.

Damage and Defects
Upon arrival of the accommodation, you are advised to inspect the inventory carefully for defects and shortcomings. If you notice damage or defects you must report this to the manager of the house within 24 hours. If the damage is caused by your actions and / or is not the result of normal use or wear, we will charge you the repair or replacement costs.

Air conditioning
We recommend that you use the air conditioner wisely. Close the windows and doors when the air conditioner is on, keeping the heat outside and the cold inside. When you leave the accommodation turn the air conditioner off. As soon as you are back and the air conditioner is on, it is soon cooler.

It is forbidden to smoke in the accommodation. We therefore request that you smoke outside the bungalow and put the cigarette outside in the ashtray. If you smoke in the bungalow, you risk a fine of € 100,00.

Private rooms
Do not open any rooms or closets that are locked and therefore intended for private purposes.

We expect you to take into account the following points:
Do not use your toilet as a waste bin, i.e. no grease residue, food remains, paint residues or other types of waste may be discharged.
Be careful when using too much toilet paper, a large amount of toilet paper in the toilet will irrevocably cause a blockage.
Sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, wet wipes, condoms etc. All these products are listed high in the list of causes of blockages, so do not rinse this.
Do you want to clean the toilet? Use biodegradable products for this.

Because of pests and hygiene it is not allowed to eat and drink in the bedrooms.

Bath linen
We ask you to use the drying racks when drying the towels. Iron fences on the terrace give rust stains on the towels. Please do not bring the bath towels to the beach. You can rent beach towels at CostaBlancaDreams.

Hot pans can not be placed directly on the worktop or table. Always use a pad for this.

Unnecessary water, electricity, gas consumption
Take into account not to consume unnecessary water. When you leave the house we expect you to switch off the air conditioning, lamps, stove, oven, TV etc.

Internet / Wifi
If the accommodation has Internet access, neither the owner or the agency can be held liable for its proper functioning.

Satellite TV
When the accommodation has a television even though this was not mentioned on the website. This does not mean that there should also be satellite reception or normal reception automatically.

You live outside during the holiday. We therefore also ask for noise nuisance to be taken into account in relation to the neighbors, particularly in the evenings after 22:00.

Unknown people at the gate?
When you have people at the gate, no matter how trustworthy these people look, just leave them alone. As long as we do not tell you that someone can come, you do not have to receive anyone. Are they difficult? Refer them to CostaBlancaDreams.

Parasol / Shadow screens
As soon as you leave the terrace and the parasol or shadow screens has been opened, collapse it. The wind can unexpectedly pick up and this can cause damage that no one wants.

If pets are not allowed in this holiday home, under any circumstances.In case of violation of this rule we will keep € 100,00 of the breakage deposit to compensate for extra cleaning costs.

The accommodation is meant to be a holiday and not intended as a party stay, keep this in mind. We expect you to treat the property and the neighbors with respect. If there are complaints, we will give you a warning. If several warnings are required, we are authorized to withhold the deposit or to evict you.

When using the communal swimming pool, remember the following points:

  • Each user must use the shower before going into the water.
  • Use limited to owners or registered renters.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The pool should not be used if you are unwell.
  • It is forbidden to swim with sunscreen or oil.
  • Do not use shampoos / gels in the shower before a swim.
  • No glass is allowed in or around the pool.

ALWAYS allow children who cannot swim to wear armbands outdoors and always accompanied by an adult!

Respect the rest of the neighbors in siesta hours and evening hours!

Please keep in mind that when the tiles are wet, they may be slippery.

Information can be found at the communal pool with the hours that the pool can be used and the rules that you must adhere to. Check this and stick to the times and rules. Thank you!

CostaBlancaDreams and/or the owner of the accommodation cannot be held responsible for accidents around or in the swimming pool.

Casita van Poppel


You can request the following items / service:

Set of double bed linen: € 10,00

Set of single bed linen: € 5,00

Set of towels: € 5,00 per person

Beach towel: € 4,00 per towel

Baby bed: € 20,00 per stay

High chair: € 10,00 per stay

Stroller: € 30,00 per stay

Interim cleaning: on request 

Portable air conditioning: € 50,00 per stay

Fan: € 15,00 per stay

Google Chromecast: € 10,00 per stay

IPTV: € 15,00 per week

General information about the Bungalow:


  • Wi-Fi (free use)
  • Air conditioning
  • Washing machine
  • Iron & Iron board
  • Laundry rack
  • Parking
  • Community pool

Living room

  • Open living
  • TV
  • Comfortable sofas
  • Dining table that seats 6


  • Master bedroom with two single beds, wardrobe, air conditioning and ensuite bathroom.
  • 1 bedroom with two single beds, wardrobe and air conditioning.
  • 1 bedroom with two single beds, wardrobe and air conditioning.


  • Ensuite bathroom with a bath / shower combination, sink, toilet and bidet.
  • Bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.


  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Oven
  • Induction cooker
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Filter coffee machine
  • Toaster


  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Outside dining table


This is a smoke free property! Outdoors we allow smoking as long as nearby windows and doors are closed. Ashtrays are to be found in the bungalow. When we detects smoking odor or ashes indoors we can withhold € 100,00 from the deposit.

How to recycle in Spain?
Donate your remaining products!

In the neighborhood / street there are large waste containers. Below you will find an explanation about the containers. We kindly request you too deposit all your garbage in the garbage containers during your stay and on departure. This prevents pests! For each garbage bag left behind, € 5,00 will be deducted from your deposit.

Things to do in the area:

Amusement Park

Terra Mitica Amusement park
Exciting explorations and trips to the Mediterranean countries. How did you live in Egypt, Greece, Iberia or Rome? Fun sailing trips, the Magnus Colossus: the largest wooden roller coaster in Europe or the Kinetoss Temple: experience exciting adventures in this Greek temple full of digital technology. Also visit one of the beautiful shows including the adventures of the Barbarroja adventurer.
Tel. 902 020 220
Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm

Mundomar Park
An unforgettable day with many marine animals like dolphins and sea lions or deep tropical forests to discover caves and waterfalls. Sail with the glass bottom boat or admire the talking parrots! Mundomar is located next to Aqualandia north of Benidorm.
Tel. 965 869 101
C/ Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm

This Valencia’s Oceanium is located in the culture and scientific center ‘Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències’. The aquarium, designed by Santiago Calatrava, includes nine water towers containing partial copies of different Oceans and everything in it. There are seals, dolphins, waterfowl, penguins, pelicans, walruses, different types of sharks and very many different types of fish. It´s Europe’s largest aquarium.
Tel. 960 470 647
Carrer d’Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia

Aqualandia Water Park
A spectacular park full of water attractions. Approx. 150,000 m2 with swimming pools, slides and other facilities: there is something for the whole family that he or she likes. Wild slides such as the Big Bang or Kamikaze, zigzag through all sorts of curves and spirals, exciting by The Black Hole or on a swim around paddies in the lagoons, chilled by the ‘Niagara’ Falls, on the waves by ‘Atlantic Surf’ or adventurous Through the ‘Amazonas’. For the little ones there is Adventureland with slides, water throwers, a ball bath and much more. Various restaurants and cafés, picnic areas and shops. There are lockers and beds and (large) swimming pools can be rented and the swimming pools are monitored by certified lifeguards.
More info:
Tel. 965 860 100
Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm

Here too, they have clearly chosen for sustainability. “Zoo Inmersión” is called here. That is to say, you do not see the delimitations, which should obviously be between the different spaces, and the animals have plenty of room for living in a way that is as natural as possible. The beautiful garden is divided into 3 ecosystems, namely: Equatorial Africa, Savannah and Madagascar, and of course, every elephant, rhino, gorilla or flamingo lives in his or her own environment. The BioParc can be found in the Parque de Cabecera, which is part of the futuristic building at the end of the Turia riverbed (which is now a whole park) and in which the kids are also in the nearby Parque Gulliver, the enormously large climb- And Gulliver slider of the architect Rafael Rivera, the artist Manolo Martin and the designer Sento can climb.
Tel. 902 250 340
Avenida Pío Baroja, 3, 46015 Valencia

Nature and museum

MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum
Address: Plaza. Dr. Gómez Ulla, s / n. 03013 Alicante
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9h-15h.
Tel: 0034 865149000

Valor Museo Del Chocolate museum
A chocolate museum.
Address: Pianista Gonzalo Soriano, 13 Villajoyosa
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10h-13h 17h-19h Saturday 10h-13h.
Tel: 0034 966810451

El castell de Guadalest
This is a tourist attraction but definitely worth it.
Address: El Castell de Guadalest
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10h-14h 15h-19h.
Tel: 0034 631578708

Fuentes del Algar:
These waterfalls can be combined with El Castell de Guadalest.
Address: Partida Algar, s / n, 03510 Callosa d’en Sarrià
Opening Hours: See website.
Tel: 0034 965880153

Hiking trails

Sierra de Oltà
Duration: About 2.5 hours, possible extension
Difficulty: Low, with one hard piece
Address: PR-CV 340 Sierra de Oltá, 03710 Calpe

De Montgó

Duration: about 3.5 hours, options up to longer or shorter
Difficulty: Low, middle
Address: Caretera colonia del montego (approx.)

Vall de Laguart

Duration: 2 to 6 hours, of your choice
Difficulty: Many rise and fall, harder as you move on.
Address: Calle de Major 21, 03791 Vall de Laguar

Penya el Castellet

Duration: about 2.5 hours
Difficulty: On average, the last piece to the castle is heavy but this can be skipped.

Sierra de Bernia

Duration: about 4 – 6 hours
Difficulty: You can go over or around the mountain. Over the mountain is heavier than around it.

La cosa Tallada
Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour You can hike and enjoy the beautiful landscapes where the mountains and the sea meet.
Difficulty: The path is a bit complicated, but it is worth it.

Indoor shopping

La Marina Centro Comercial 
Address: Avinguda País Valencià, 2, 03509 Finestrat
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10h-22h

Portal de la Marina Shopping Center
Address: Av. Costa Blanca, 1, Ondara
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10h-22h

Plaza Mar 2
Address: Avenida de Denia.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10h-22h

Gran Via
Address: Calle José García Sellés, 2 Alicante.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 10h-22h|

Zenia Boulevard
Address: Calle Jade, 2, 03189 La Zenia, Alicante
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10h-23:30h

Restaurant Tips:

About the environment


Altea is the most artistic town in the Costa Blanca. Since the 18the century, many artists and writers Came to live in Altea, what make Altea a characteristic town. The highest point of Altea goes up to  1000 meters above the sea level on the Sierra De Bernia Side. There are two villages among this municipality, Altea and Altea La Vella, one of the most famous urbanizations is Altea Hills.

An Important sight seen is the church of Altea, the Iglesia Parroquial De Nuestra Señora Del Consuelo”. This Church is located at the highest point in the old town and is seen from many points. The church was built in the early 20th century and has two distinctive blue domes with white decorations. On september 18, 1910, the opening took place and the building was submitted by Saint Josè Beneyto. From the church square you also have a beautiful view of the coast, the sea and the modern part of the city.

When you are going to Altea then you have  definitely  have to visit  the old town “Casco Antiguo”. In the old town you will find  smal streets and typical whitewashed houses with plants on the facades. These whitewashed houses are used mostly as shops, restaurants, galleries, etc. Many of the smal streets come out on the square where the church is “Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Senora del Consuelo”. Access to the old center continues through the port “Portal Viejo”, which has a medieval origin. In various places, viewpoints have been created that give a nice view of the surroundings. According to many, “Mirador del Portal Viejo” is the most beautiful viewpoint. In the evening, walking around is definitely a must.

Just outside the center of Altea is “Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa”. This is the first Russian Orthodox church built in Spain. During the construction of the church, wood and other materials were used from the Urals mountains.The church was made by Russian workers.

On Tuesday morning there are two markets in Altea. One market is located in Calle Filarmónica, where you can find fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices. On the other market  located in Camí l’Algar you will find, clothes, shoes, bags and other souvenirs.

Altea  has also several beaches, bays and cliffs where you can enjoy the sea and the sun. For example, you will find La Olla Beach, Cap Negret, La Roda and Cap Blanch. There are lots of options for water sports activities  Here you can  find several restaurants, ice cream and bars. El Mascarat is a sheltered pebble hamlet. It has clear water with a beautiful sea bodem  which makes it ideal for diving. And besides, there is another beach, La Solsida, but keep in mind that this is a nudist beach.

Altea - CostaBlancaDreams


At 275 meters above sea level at the foot of the “Bernia” you will find the authentic town of Benissa. This picturesque historic hill town is set between olive, wine and almond groves and has many 17th century houses and cobbled streets. The great Iglesia purísima Xiqueta Also known as the cathedral “ La Marina Alta” is the symbol of this authentic center.

The cathedral was built in the 1920s by the inhabitants themselves on behalf of the rich Freemasons. The “Lonja” (the commercial building), the old hospital for the poor and the local university Casa Andrew are all monumental buildings. Balconies with wrought iron railings. , family shields and barracks decorate houses where the nobility’s for the former citizens of Benissa. The Ribero Monument was built in honor of the residents of Benissa who left Valencia to work on the rice fields.

In addition to the authentic city. Benissa has a coastline. Here you can find beautiful sandy beaches, hidden bays and urbanizations with luxury villas and apartments.

Playa cale la Fusterea is a small bay but the most popular beach. The beach has access for people with reduced mobility, restaurant, parking, red crossing etc. Playa cale la Fustera is a bay with clear waters and a lovely sandy beach.

Another popular bay is Les Bassetes. Here is the Les Bassetes yacht Club with 80 docking stations for boats up to 8 meters long. Here you will also find a sailing school, diving center and various options for underwater sports, kayaking or windsurfing. It is a bay with calm water. From this bay begins the Ecological Coastal Trail (Paseo Ecológico).

There are plenty of other bays that belong to Benissa. Some famous bays are Cala Baladrar, this is a natural rocky bay. La Llobella is one of the most rustic and lonely bays of the coast. It is a bay that is very popular with dive fans. Cala Advocat is a small bay with rocks and fine sand with on the end a wave breaker. You can dock a sail boats and its perfect for a day fishing.

Benissa - CostaBlancaDreams


The old fishing village Calpe, called by Spaniards Calp, has become a modern and lively seaside village. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for enjoying the whole year of nature. Calpe is located in the province of Alicante, Costa Blanca and is characterized by the high, impressive rock, which you can see from miles away.

As mentioned earlier, the symbol of Calpe is the impressive rock. The Peñon de Ifach, who was named Natural Park in 1987 and the highest point reaches 332 meters above sea level. You can reach Peñon de Ifach’s peak via a hiking trail. The first 1.5 km is in perfect condition to the tunnel in the rock, beyond the tunnel, the road becomes increasingly dangerous because it passes the narrow cliffs. In different places, ropes have been attached to the rocks for extra durability. Because of the many visitors, the stones have become quite slippery. The walk to the top and back takes about a little less than 3 hours. However, it is more than worth it.

Calpe has long, wide beaches with a cozy boulevard. The main beach of Calpe is the southern Playa Arenal-Bol and is approximately 1328 meters long. The eastern beach of Calpe is Playa De La Fossa and is approximately 950 meters long. On both beaches you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. There are various possibilities for water sports activities. In addition to the two popular beaches, Calpe has a number of small bays. These bays are especially loved by divers and snorkelers.

Beside the beaches, boulevard and the modern shopping street, Calpe still has the old center. The old town is characterized by typical Spanish squares, murals and narrow streets and alleys. Here you can find typical fishermen’s houses, old city walls, a gothic church and there are still remains of Moorish domination. Every Saturday there is a cozy market. In the past everything was mixed, fruit and vegetables, flowers, clothes etc nowadays it is separated. Fruit, vegetables, flowers etc. can be found in the centrum, Avenida del Norte. Clothing, bags and other souvenirs can be found on the market near Lidl, Avda. Romania.

The fishing port is still very active today. Daily by the end of the afternoon, the fishing boats return to the port to sell their catch right away at the auction. The auction is available for payment of 1 euro per person. Fresh fish can be bought by individuals at the fish market. From the fishing port you will also depart daily catamarans and other boats for a trip over the sea. Nearby Calpe you will find marina Real Club Nautico Calpe there are many luxury yachts.
Las Salinas de Calpe is the salt lake, located behind the beaches and between the apartments is very famous. The salt lake dates from Roman times and was previously needed for the conservation of fish. Today, the saltwater lake is a protected nature reserve and there are large groups of wild flamingos and other bird species.

The gastronomy of Calpe is quite varied. For example, you can eat all kinds of international dishes, such as Italian, English, Dutch and Flemish cuisines. In addition, you have the opportunity to eat typical fish dishes of Calpe. For example, “La llauna”, “Arròs Senyoret” and “Putxero” are typical specialties. andere vogelsoorten.
De gastronomie van Calpe is behoorlijk gevarieerd. Zo kunt u allerlei internationale gerechten eten uit bijvoorbeeld Italiaanse, Engelse, Nederlandse en Vlaamse keukens. Daarnaast heeft u ook de mogelijkheid om typische visgerechten van Calpe te eten. Zo is “La llauna”, “Arròs Senyoret” en de “Putxero” typische specialiteiten.

Calpe - CostaBlancaDreams


Moraira is a cozy fishing village, which has slowly grown into a tourist village. However, Moraira has retained the charms of the small village. There are no high-rise hotels or large apartment complexes. With various beaches, fishing port and cozy restaurants and beach clubs, Moraira is well worth a visit.

Castillo de Moraira also, Castillo de la Mar overlooks the beach and the sea and is located on the outskirts of the city center. The castle was built in the 18th century with the aim of protecting Moraira from external hazards. At the top are seven tilts where the guns were placed. And above the entrance is the Royal Arms of the Bourbon House, a royal residence from France. Please note that the castle is not very large.

Moraira was a real fishing village and, till today, little has changed. You can visit the fish market daily. Fishermen get up early to catch fresh fish such as squid, seaweed etc. You can buy the fresh fish at the fish market at the end of the afternoon.

Playa la Ampolla is the largest beach of Moraira. This sandy beach is ideal for younger people or families, the beach is gradually descending into the sea. In the summer there is a first aid post and beach guards.

El Portet A sandy beach in Moraira is a sheltered bay. The beach is awarded a blue flag for clean water. Here you will find some restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties. For the water sports lovers there are plenty of possibilities in the summer months. For example, canoeing and paddling. This beach is one of the best places to snorkel.

Moraira - CostaBlancaDreams

If you have any recommendations for us to add to this list we appreciate your feedback. This way we can improve our services in the future. Many thanks for reading trough this page and we hope you will have an unforgettable time at Casita van Poppel. 

Thank you on behalf of the entire CostaBlancaDreams Holiday Rentals team!


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